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Welcome to the Stage Ops team!

Your new employee onboarding must be complete before starting your first shift.

Please follow the steps below to complete all required paperwork via PrismHR.

If you have any questions or issues during the onboarding process, reach out to for support.

Step #1: Email required information 

To initiate the new employee onboarding process, please email the following information to immediately. 


  1. Full Name as it appears on Photo ID: 

  2. Email: 

  3. Phone Number: 

  4. Work Location:

  5. Position: 

  6. Start Date: 

  7. Social Security Number:

  8. ID* to meet requirements of Form I-9 (Identity Verification and Work Authorization) > List of Acceptable Documents

*Please note: A passport meets all requirements. If using any other ID, 2 forms of ID are required - one from List B and one from List C; please refer to the List of Acceptable Documents.*

Step #2: Complete Onboarding via PrismHR 

After you have submitted your information via email, our team will launch the required new employee onboarding paperwork via PrismHR within 24 hours. 

You will receive a link from to register for the PrismHR platform. Once registered, the site will guide you through all onboarding steps. 


After initial registration, we encourage employees to download the Prism HR mobile app, which can be used to view pay stubs, tax documents, and manage employee information. 

Helpful PDF Documents

  1. How to Register for PrismHR 

  2. How to download the PrismHR mobile app

  3. PrismHR Navigation FAQ

PrismHR Access Code for Mobile App:

North Agenda_PRISM App Access Code.png

Reminder: Set Up Direct Deposit!

Expedite receipt of your paycheck every week by setting up direct deposit to your bank account.

Direct deposit can be set up during onboarding or via the PrismHR app after onboarding is complete.

Access PrismHR

Use the button below to access PrismHR after your registration is complete.

Chrome is the recommended browser for both desktop and mobile. 

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