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Install, operate, and maintain lighting equipment, ensuring optimal lighting conditions and effects during performances and events.

Lighting Technicians are the technical experts behind the visual impact of an event. They are tasked with installing, operating, and maintaining advanced lighting systems, including LED fixtures, moving lights, and dimmer racks. Lighting Techs ensure that the lighting design is executed flawlessly, programming lighting consoles and addressing any technical issues that arise during the event. Their responsibilities include hanging and focusing lights, running power cables, and ensuring all equipment is correctly patched and safely secured.

Lighting Technicians must possess a comprehensive understanding of various lighting technologies, control protocols (such as DMX and Art-Net), and electrical safety standards. They often work closely with Light Directors to translate creative visions into practical lighting setups. Their role requires not only technical proficiency but also creative problem-solving abilities, allowing them to adapt to changing conditions and meet the specific lighting needs of each performance. By ensuring optimal lighting conditions, Lighting Technicians enhance the visual experience, making them indispensable to the success of any event.

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